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Homestay Families

Homestay in Portsmouth, England with TELC-Tertulia English Language Centre

We believe that communication, both in the classroom and outside the classroom, plays an important part in the process of learning and improving your English skills.

Being hosted by a host family is an effective way not only to improve your English but also to get to know a new cultural reality. Not forgetting the priceless opportunity to practise your English in an informal setting outside the classroom, where you can learn a wide range of everyday language.

Also, cultural diversity is what makes stronger a student and benefit families as they can learn from different cultures.

We personally check the comfort and safety of the environment in which you will be staying. Families are identified based on the needs of students. Accommodation includes breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner.


Put your spare room to work making new friends from abroad!


Students from abroad love to stay with host families because they feel more plugged into society here while improving their English.

Hosting international students, give you a chance to learn about different cultures and languages, embracing new experiences. It also allows students to stay in a friendly and homely environment that is affordable and safe.


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